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A core component to every business in today's world, a stable and reliable network is a must. Wired to WiFi, we can build you the foundation and infrastructure necessary to keep your business at optimum pace.


Cyber threats come from all directions and its landscape constantly change. With Sophos and Cisco AMP as our Partner, we offer the upper echelon of products and services when it comes to your safety from viruses and malware.

Cloud Solutions

Most companies are now attached to the Cloud, whether in a pure or hybrid manner. Virtual networks and machines, virtual applications to managing certain appliances, Cloud solutions is worth the look and consideration.

Backup & Archival

Digital assets come in many forms. Emails, Images, Spreadsheets and signed documents are just to name a few. With the advent of Ransomware, a good backup is of the utmost importance. The best backup solution is crucial here. We can help you decide and provide, which steps to take.

Remote Management

Since 2003, we have been a resource for Hardware and Software for many of our clients, because we have tried and tested many of them. Confidently, we know what works. Remote Management and Maintenance is the way we keep your equipment current, updated, optimized and free from malware.

Product Reviews (IoT)

Every now and then, we encounter new products that join or become part of our network. This is the fun part of our work. Discovering its advantages as well nuances on how these products affect your network environment. This can be of utmost importance. Sharing it with you is our goal.

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"Ranjo is the best there is. He is always there to help whenever there are problems, which is often."
Howard Feldman
“The training was everything I hoped for, and more. Ranjcorp really makes a difference, has extensive knowledge of how products work and it application "
Jonas Gerber




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